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AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) 

Aquatic invasive species are fish, invertebrate or plant species that have been introduced into a new aquatic environment, outside of their natural range. Once introduced, aquatic invasive species populations can grow quickly because they don’t have natural predators in their new environment. As a result, they can outcompete and harm native species. They can even alter habitats to make them inhospitable for the native species. AIS are a major threat to the health of Manitoba lakes and recreational fisheries, and educating the general public about the potential harms they can cause is key to preventing the spread of AIS. Please view the videos below about AIS and their effects on native fish populations and habitat. There are also links to different types of AIS that are a threat to Pelican Lake and other Manitoba lakes. 


We have created a survey about AIS awareness that we invite everyone to participate in. In order to get the most accurate results, we ask that if you choose to complete the survey, please answer as honestly as possible with your CURRENT knowledge level of AIS. The survey is not a test; it is to ascertain the awareness level of the general public so we can determine the best way to move forward in terms of public education. Click on the button below if you wish to participate in the survey.  

AIS survey
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