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derby Results 2020

The seventh annual Healthy Lake Ice Fishing Derby was held on Saturday March 7, 2020 in the northern basin of Pelican Lake, at Ninette, MB. The derby was a great success with 663 Adult anglers and 137 Junior anglers that came out to fish, for a total participant number of 800!  During the four hours of derby fishing a total of 117 fish were measured; 64 Northern Pike, 46 Perch, and 4 Walleye. Congratulations to Cornie Letkeman of Winkler, MB, who caught the longest fish overall in the derby; a Northern Pike measuring 96.5 cm. As the winner of the derby, Cornie won a 2020 Can Am Outlander 450 Quad valued at $8,532, sponsored by Enns Brothers! Also, congratulations to Adlee Gudz of Brandon, MB, who caught the longest fish in the Junior category, a Northern Pike at 85 cm. Adlee won a Perception Sport Swiftwater kayak sponsored by Jo-Brook Outdoors.  All of the derby winners are posted at  Thank you to all of the anglers who attended, and a special thank you to all of our hardworking and tireless volunteers who help make our derby the success that it is!

Adult Category - Northern Pike

Adult Northern Pike Winners1.jpg
Adult Northern Pike Winners2.jpg

Adult Category - Walleye

Adult Walleye Winners.jpg

Adult Category - Perch

Adult Walleye Perch1.jpg
Adult Walleye Perch2.jpg

Junior Category - Northern Pike

Junior Northern Pike Winners List.jpg

Junior Category - Perch

Junior Perch Winners List.jpg
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