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10th Annual Healthy Lake Committee
Ice Fishing Derby
March 4, 2023
Northern Basin
Pelican Lake, MB

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Day info

derby day info

The Healthy Lake Committee will be hosting our 10th annual ice fishing derby in the northern basin of Pelican Lake on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Entry fee is $40 for adults, and kids 15 and under are free. Those participants age 15 and under who wish to compete against adult derby participants for the main prizes must pay the regular adult entry fee. Those age 15 and under who fish for FREE in the junior category will be eligible for Junior Angler prizes. Registration will be in advance, online only this year, the same as last year. Registration will open Feb 1st and will close at noon on Thursday, March 2nd. If you register by Friday, February 24th you will be entered into the early bird draw!


Derby day: There will be no registration at the derby, and no ticket pickup. You must bring your ticket with you (paper or digital) to the derby. Parking lot will be located on the ice just off the Terry Fox Park parking lot in Ninette, MB. 

Fishing will be from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm with prizes to be awarded after that. Please bring your own 5 gallon bucket (or similar container) to transport live fish to the measuring station. Holes will not be pre-drilled, however if you have no means of drilling a hole we are going to try to have a few volunteers on hand with augers to drill holes for participants if needed. We will not have food or drink for sale this year, however a few local businesses are advertising food specials. 

You must have your printed or digital ticket with you when you bring a fish to the measuring station, and when you are claiming a prize. Each person registered (including 15 and under) will have their own unique derby ticket emailed after registering, and must have it with them either digitally or printed.   

PRIZES: The grand prize will be awarded to the longest fish caught overall in the adult category. Then, 1st place will be awarded in each of the other two fish species categories. This will continue with 2nd place across all fish species categories, 3rd place, and so forth. This process will continue until all fish caught have been awarded prizes, or until all prizes have been awarded. In the event of a tie in length, the fish measured first will be awarded above the fish measured second, and so forth. 


All proceeds will go towards the Healthy Lake Committee’s current and future aeration projects in Pelican Lake. Bring out the entire family for a fun day of fishing! 

Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations below for further important information about how the derby is run. 


Any questions? email or call 204-727-4700


Rules and Regulations

2023 Healthy Lake Ice Fishing Derby Rules & Regulations

ATTENTION ANGLERS!  You are responsible for reading and agreeing to these rules prior to registering for the derby. Please be sure to read below!


  • The competition is scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 2023 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Pelican Lake.  Only fish caught during these times will qualify. 

  • There will be no registration at the derby. Participants must pre-register online no later than NOON on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023.  Online registration is available at In order to be entered into the ‘early bird’ draw, you must register in the adult category by the end of Friday, February 24th, 2023.  Registration fees will only be refunded in the event that the derby is cancelled; if there is an extenuating circumstance we may offer a one time exception at our discretion.

  • Participants are responsible for bringing their own ticket (digital or paper) to the derby.  Tickets will NOT be provided at the derby. You must show your ticket when you are having fish measured.

  • Manitoba Fishing regulations in effect.  Anglers must have a valid license or treaty/harvester card and all entrants must use a barbless hook.  If any derby official should find an entrant fishing in violation of these regulations, that person will be disqualified from the tournament. Conservation officers will be in attendance and making the rounds as well.

  • One adult registration/ticket allows you to fish a maximum of two lines, as per fishing license regulations.

  • Participants age 15 and under who wish to compete against all adult derby participants for the main prizes must pay the regular adult category entry fee. Those age 15 and under that fish for FREE are only eligible for junior angler prizes.

  • Participants must fish in the area designated for the contest and will be required to have their ticket available at all times. The designated derby area for the participants will be in the northern basin of Pelican Lake. If there are no visible marks showing the southern boundary, the southern boundary is a line between Manhattan Point and the opposite shore on the west side of Pelican Lake. 

  • Participants registered in the derby may not fish in a group with anglers who are actively fishing but not registered/participating in the derby. All anglers fishing in a group must be registered for the derby. Our security team have the right to disqualify any derby participants fishing in this manner.

  • Fireworks other sounding device will sound to begin and end derby. If you do not hear the sound, you may begin fishing at 10:00 am. Absolutely NO pre-fishing will be allowed.  Any participant with a line in the water prior to 10:00am will be disqualified.

  • Promoters and organizations assisting in the derby operation, their agencies and agents are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft or fire on any entries.  Each entrant, upon entering the derby, understands and agrees to the previous sentence.  At all times, during and after, you are responsible for your safety, actions, gear and equipment.

  • In case of discrepancies or complaints, the Derby Official’s decision shall be final. No other person can be considered as spokesperson for the rules during the derby.

  • Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch are allowed.  Only fish of these species caught with a barbless hook in the usual manner will be allowed.

  • As per Manitoba Fishing Regulations and taking into consideration the different types of fishing licenses, the following applies to this derby: Per angler, you may measure a maximum of 4 Northern Pike, 4 Walleye, and 25 Perch. All Walleye shorter than 35cm (14 inches) must be immediately released when caught and may not be measured. Only 1 walleye over 55cm (21.5 inches) may be measured. Only 1 Northern Pike over 75 cm (29.5 inches) may be measured. Current possession and slot limits take precedence if they differ from what is listed here.

  • FISH MEASURING PROCESS:  Fish will be measured by derby officials only. The process is as follows:

    • Anglers must supply their own 5 gallon bucket which must be used for transporting their catch in water and alive to the measuring station.  Derby Ticket must be shown at time of measurement.

    • Derby officials will measure the total length and determine the time the fish was measured. Measurements are to the half centimetre.

    • Every attempt must be made to live release the fish immediately after measuring.  Any fish caught with tumors or disease will not be released back into the lake.

    • The species, length, time, derby ticket #, and angler’s name will be recorded by the derby official and initialed by the angler for verification. IMPORTANT: by initialing your fish’s recorded measurements, you are agreeing that you have verified all information has been recorded correctly; it cannot be changed after this point.

  • A leaderboard list will be posted and updated periodically at derby village, and on our facebook page

  • RANDOM DRAW prizes will be drawn during derby between 10:00 and 2:00. Random draw winners will be announced over the derby radio station, and posted on facebook as they are drawn, as well as posted with the leaderboard at the derby village. If you are a random draw winner you may come collect your prize at any time during the derby.

  • PRIZES: The grand prize will be awarded to the longest fish caught overall in the adult category. Then, 1st place will be awarded in each of the other two fish species categories. This will continue with 2nd place across all fish species categories, 3rd place and so forth. This process will continue until all fish caught have been awarded prizes, or until all prizes have been awarded. If any prizes remain after all fish caught have been awarded, they will be given out by a random draw. In the event of a tie in length, the fish measured first will be awarded above the fish measured second, and so forth.  

  • Prizes will be awarded at the close of the derby as soon as calculations are finished, shortly after 2:00 pm and no later than 2:30 pm. Any change to this timeline will be announced/posted during the derby. If you are a winner please be at the derby village no later than 2:15 pm. Final winners’ names will be broadcasted over a dedicated station on FM radio (“derby radio”), and posted on our facebook page shortly after 2:00 pm. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and claimed at the derby, and derby ticket must be shown when claiming prizes. All prizes are final and no cash substitutes or prize exchange will be allowed.

  • Winners List will be posted on  in the days following the derby. 

  • As per Manitoba Law, it is illegal to leave refuse including dead fish or fish remains on the ice.

  • Failure to comply with the contest rules subjects contestants to disqualification.

  • The organizer may at any time before, during and after each event change event format if so required.

  • The derby officials have the right to enter/inspect fishing shacks and/or tents etc.

  • The derby officials have the right to delay or shorten the tournament, subject to weather or safety conditions.

  • All participants must do their utmost to exhibit good sportsmanship conduct at all times during the derby.

  • NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed at any time during the derby.

  • Participants agree upon entry of the derby that they may be photographed for the promotion of the Pelican Lake Healthy Water and Fish event and the use of any photographs without compensation.


The grand prize this year is a 2023 Outlander 450 Quad! MSRP $9,900


Grand Prize!


Here are just a few of the Adult Category prizes! 

Stihl Chainsaw.png

Angler Prizes!

Top Junior Prize
14 foot trampoline! 

Here are just a few of the Junior Category prizes! 

Past derbies

Past derbies

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